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Centrifuge Rug-Wringer

Here comes the world top of the line and most powerful rug-wringer machine which enables you to wring 99 percent of the water out of the carpet in just 2.5 minutes. This fantastic work of art with the actual speed of 3000 RMP has been designed and manufactured in Pazirik company. Wringing with a high speed not only yields maximum cleanliness and completes the washing process but it also gets the time and cost of the Wringing rug decreased by a significant amount.

Carpet Washing Machine

Pazirik company with the help of it’s R&D experienced engineers has successfully designed and manufactured a fully-automatic flat carpet washing machine enabled with modern vibrating technology. This machine reduces the washing time of a 12-square-meter carpet to just one minute, improves washing quality, and moreover cuts water and detergent consumption to a large amount.

Carpet Drying & Dangling Room

One of the most complicated and technical projects in Pazirik is the designing and creation of a fully automatic drying room. In fact, Pazirik drying room is utter optimum automation of drying carpet by high speed and without human intervention and in a complete sanitary place.

Why you shouldn’t buy from Pazirik?

  • Competitive affordable prices

    One of the most difficult obligations of a manufacturer is to maintain the quality and enhance it alongside keeping prices on a competitive level. Our customers believe they’ve had a fair dealing and received valuable quality and services for money paid.

  • You can rely on Pazirik

    Because we want our customers to have an in our website easy mind about purchasing our products, we have placed our customer’s phone number so that you could ask them yourself about both our products and services rendered thereunder, could you believe it!!

  • Becoming number #1

    Having regard to getting free and professional counsel alongside wide-vanging after-sale services from Pazirik, our customers have been enabled to grow invincible in their respective regions. Sale of full-automatic state of the art machines to 80 percent of our past customers is an undeniable proof to that.

  • One month free examination

    Here comes Pazirik’s style of treating customers. We’re honored to say that Pazirik is the only company that allows customers to avail themselves of a one-month clause. According to this clause Pazirik company undertakes to compensate customers fully which includes any shipping costs that they have undergone if our product does not live up to your expectations. Despite contracting with this clause for three years, we haven’t had one product being restored.

  • Honesty in advertising

    All the products advantages are included in the sale contract and Pazirik company is obligated to deliver a product with the said advantages.

  • 98% cutomer satisfaction

    After having some surveys, we’re honored to announce we have reached 98 percent customer satisfaction. This survey is available on our general relations unit.

QC Pazirik

1. Testing of Components & Raw Materials

Raw materials and components entering warehouse are inspected to see if they conform with international standards and criteria, also they are exanimated by Pazirik’s experts and validated for production.

2. Examination During Manufacturing Process

In this section, the process of montage becomes controlled and monitored according to certified control patterns, furthermore, the separation of non-conforming products is done in designated sections.

3. Final Control & Examination of Products

At the end of the montage process, The quality-check unit examines the necessary parameters for quality-check by installing the product at Pazirik’s workshop and after making sure of the machine’s true functionality, quality-check certification becomes issued and then the product can leave the workshop.



what our clients say

Pazirik’s motto is the symbol of service which shows Pazirik’s revolutionary spirit in manufacturing of carpet-washing machines and after-sale services.

You can brief Pazirik in two words: commitment and innovation.

Pazirik means amalgamation of youth energy with advanced knowledge, less error and enough experience.

Customer Satisfaction

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Pazirik customers


Pazirik About

Science-based Pooya Pazirik CO, the biggest manufacturer of full-automatic machines, embarked on its activities at 2012 with the cooperation of academic and industrial experts.

Modern knowledge of carpet, besides the art of maintenance and ancillary services has set full automation of the carpet-washing industry as a new purpose for us.

At first step, Pazirik company enhanced Centrifuge rug- wringer machine by increasing the speed of this machine to 3000 RMP and then by manufacturing Automatic Carpet-washing machine caused a radical change in the world carpet-washing industry. Finally, by designing and creating Pazirik Carpet Drying Room brought about a full-automatic carpet-washing cycle.

Pazirik by relying on domestic science and Iranian youth skill engaged in manufacturing absolute Iranian products and is determined to eliminate the need in domestic and foreign carpet-washing industry.

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